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Meet the senior citizens of the jelly sweet world. Five fruit flavoured fogey figures – Bill Bird, Mister Miser, Pearl Stitch, Frau Zimmer and Benny Dorm - each with a unique story of their own. Who said getting old had to be boring?

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Our Jellyatrics are no spring chickens but they can pack a punch in the flavour stakes! Check out our ingredient credentials!

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Celebrating 95 years of Jellybabies

Jellyatrics original jelly babies
Jellyatric sours, sour jelly babies
1918 Jelly babies history

The original Jelly Babies were born to mark the end of the First World War and were originally called Peace Babies! A short while after, production was suspended but lucky for us they were relaunched in 1953 under the name of ‘Jelly Babies’.

1998 History of Jelly babies

Jellyatrics were created to commemorate Jelly Babies 80th birthday. These controversial old folk caused quite a stir in the sweet world.

More about Jellyatrics Original

Not content to settle for our pipe and slippers original version, we’ve zipped up Jellyatrics’ energy levels to produce the granddaddy of sweets, guaranteed to tickle anyone’s taste buds.

More about Jellyatrics Sours
Frau Timeline LIbrary
Bill Bird chasing Cats!

Find out what made Bill Bird turn sour...

Bill has two loves in his life, his birds and his garden gnomes. When something happens to one of them, Bill turns sour! This is out of character for Bill, who is usually a reserved man…

Meet Bill Bird