Back in 1918 the original jelly babies were ‘born’ to commemorate the end of the First World War. They were formally known as ‘Peace Babies’ but when production was suspended in World War Two, the product later re-launched under the new name of ‘jelly babies’.

In 1998 they reached the grand old age of 80 and came out of retirement to prove they are still very much alive and kicking but this time as fully-fledged Jellyatrics.

Over the years the scrummy jelly confectionery have evolved from their original baby look and matured into their moonlight years.

What’s important to know is that age really is not an issue when it comes to our Jellyatrics. They have the similar distinct sweet and fruity taste as the original jelly babies but just a few more wrinkles to show for their age!

Our five Jellyatric flavours are more than just another jelly sweet – they all have their own identity and unique personality traits – some you may even recognise in the older folk in your lives.

jelly babies