1. Adorn your cupcakes and home made bakes with them
– just like the Baking Nanna – Jackie from Manchester @kuskus1 – and share your photos of course.


2. Pop one into a lollipop mould with some lemonade for a zingy summer cooler.


3. Make a Jellyatrics kebab – skewering our jelly friends alongside your other sweetie faves.


4. How about smothering some pizza dough in chocolate spread and decorating your sweet pizza with some colourful jellyatrics – mwah belissima!


5. Offer one to your neighbour who pops round at the wrong time – again – the sour taste will soon shut them up!


6. Take a bag of Jellyatrics wherever you go – picnic, bus ride,     park, shopping – always a summer essential.


7. Keep the empty bag and hold it up in a busy place and make   a drama that all the jellies have gone and how you MUST get to   shop that sells them, NOW!


8. Decorate a yummy soft ice cream with your favourite  Jellyatric  to accompany your flake – or pop one into your  cocktail …(this  one is for the grown  ups!).


9. Take a selfie with one and post it on Jellyatrics social media platforms @jellyatrics facebook/com/jellyatrics


10. Share them and enjoy them with friends – and don’t forget to tell everyone about them.