Pearl Stitch

Benny’s gone walkabout – and he’s in my bad books!

Pearl Stitch

Hello my lovelies. Well, here’s something I didn’t think I would be writing about – that old fool Benny!

As you all know by now, our cheeky chappy has decided to do a disappearing act.

jellyatrics-blog-About a week ago, there I was having served up Benny’s favourite tea (steak and kidney pie) – and got so cross when it went cold and stodgy while waiting for him to come home that I was dropping stitches all over the place.

Needless to say, we eventually officially reported his disappearance – thinking that he had done a Lord Lucan after nipping out to buy his weekly scratch card.

Mr Miser was ranting on that Benny had borrowed a fiver from him to buy the card, while the rest of us were worried sick – and it was his turn to put the bins out!

We put up posters all over the place and have even asked people around the UK for their help in tracking him down … watching Strictly Come Dancing without him ogling at Tess on a Saturday night just isn’t the same.

Making the headlines…

Anyway, we had a lovely girl from the news come to see us. Bill was hoping it would be that very nice Fiona Bruce, but it was a young girl with a pop star sounding name.

Benny on yacht| jellyatricsSo, this is the report that went on the news and onto that YouTube vision thing and what do you know, loads of random people have seen him.

One of our Jelly followers thought they saw him in Wales… he can barely make sense in English, let alone Welsh!

Looking back at his strange behaviour over the past few weeks, we are slowly piecing the jigsaw together … Benny’s constant talk about the Euro Millions, his trip to the Costa Del and an unhealthy obsession with yachts!

So, while we are all waiting for news from our Benny, the gossip from the local church hall coffee morning group is that he is spending some secret winnings on holidays and cruises.

You wait til I get hold of him … I’ll be poking him with a very sharp knitting needle – that’s after I hug the bones off him – just like this lovely reunion moment.

Benny Boy Band

take-thatI mean, Jellyatrics without Benny is like Take That without Robbie or One Direction without Zayn – it feels like a proper break up.

Benny, if you are reading this – have you bumped your head and now think you
are Hugh Heffner? Get your Jelly backside back here right away – the whole country is looking for you.

If you have seen Benny – please send your evidence to Jellyatrics via Facebook or Twitter @jellyatrics – I’ve got loads of wool in lush autumn shades and need someone to knit for!

 ‘Back to you in the studio’ … I’ve always wanted to say that!