Jellyatrics – a foot in the past and in the future

Attention all, Mister Miser here. As self-appointed team spokesperson I wanted to share some information with you…..

We have gone sour!

I don’t mean personally of course, although a few of my friends might say so! I mean to taste. Like my generation, our sweets just keep on going and going, and in our opinion, they’re still getting better too. Like a fine wine – but that’s a story for another day!

Anyway, myself and Pearl were reminiscing last week – yes I know, our generation always harps on about the past, but bear with me……..

When we found out we were all going to get alter egos – a sour version of ourselves – it got us thinking about sweets from days gone by and how many have actually stood the test of time or undergone a makeover.
Jar upon jar of sweets, boiled, gummy, chewy, crunchy, you name it, they’ve all packed the sweetie shop shelves at some point or other. But while the taste sensations may be the same (some of the prices have rocketed I’ve noticed), some of our favourite sweet brands seem to have come and gone or look very different from their original.

When talking about our favourite sweets Pearl stuck by her guns and assured me Lemon Bonbons are her firm favourites! I couldn’t resist a Sherbet Pip, and do you remember Spangles?

Apparently Spangles are no more. And the Rumba and the Texan bar all came and went in the blink of an eye. Here’s the Daily Mirror’s list of the 12 most sorely missed chocolates and sweets. I’m more of a Times man myself but I found this jolly interesting all the same…..




Marathon was ambushed and became Snickers, Opal Fruits became victim to Starburst and as the wonderful world of sweets moves on, so do the prices!!

As for ourselves, well we’ve definitely grown up over the years. In fact, we like to think we have mellowed and, if I may be so bold, we have got even better with age!

Our humble jelly beginnings

I make it my mission to spread the word about our ancestor, the original Jelly Baby, did you know it has been around in some form or another for the past 97 years!  And if you can remember its previous name I would be mightily impressed. When they were ‘born’ back in 1918, to celebrate the end of the First World War, they were called ‘Peace Babies’.

As times got tough and rationing was introduced (a time I remember all too well), production was aborted, much to the disappointment of thousands of devoted jelly sweet fans across Blighty. Lucky for us ‘Peace Babies’ were ‘reborn’ in 1953 under the name of Jelly Babies.

I don’t mean to jump the gun but I believe Jelly babies were, and still are, extremely significant to many people, people who believed that the world was reborn again after the war. The jelly sweets reminded people it was okay to enjoy life and have a bit of fun! I can vouch for that – less of the stiff upper lip, more a case of “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag” and a good old Blitz Party! In fact, it wasn’t long before our sweets were popping up in confectioners around the country. They were even given personalities (sound familiar??).

And so we introduce the sweets that have stood on the front line for years: Baby Bonny (Pink), Bumper (Orange), Big Heart (Grey), Boofuls (Green), Bubbles (Yellow) and Brilliant (Red).

The OAP’s of the sweetie world

To commemorate the Jelly Babies’ 80th birthday in 1998, a more mature, and possibly more sophisticated (in my opinion) Jelly Baby arrived on the sweetie scene – our very own selves, the Jellyatric.
We are very much alive and kicking in the shape of my good self and four of my very sprightly companions – meet Bill Bird, Benny Dorm, Pearl Stitch, Frau Zimmer and yours truly Mister Miser.

I have to confess, I didn’t realise retirement could be so much fun! Since hitting the sweetie scene we’ve been causing mayhem, plenty of laughs and even a little controversy along the way! More of that in another blog on another day.

As an ex army veteran, I have bags of life experience to call upon and my fellow Jellyatrics have seen their fair share also. This means plenty of great stories to share. We’ve also seen a lot of life over the years and this has shaped how we are today. If you want to get to know us better, here are some quirky facts about what makes us tick and what’s hidden inside our jelly exteriors.

Group for Blog

Jellyatrics set the trend

I have to confess, none of us are shy at coming forward not by a long shot and we are all secretly delighted with our new Jellyatrics’ Sours family. In fact, we are pretty proud that we appear to be ‘on trend’ with our Sours, if latest information from Confectionary News is any indication. According to the good chaps at CN, sour sweets are very much flavour of the month at the moment with sales rising 44% per year.

Our Sours wear bittersweet overcoats, perfect for these wintry conditions. They’re a great bunch of troops and we’re delighted to have them on board. If you’re not sure what to expect from our Sour relations, find out more now.

Over and out.

Mister Miser