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Pearl Stitch

How do you do? Pearl here…

I tell you something, there are never enough hours in the day even for us pensioners; in fact just recently we’ve been rushed off our feet (or wheels in Frau’s case!) The launch of Jellyatrics Sours has been a whirlwind…

My knitting has taken a back seat, Mister Miser’s wallet has been used less than usual, Bill’s bird table is looking poorly presented, Benny… is still Benny and Frau has had less time to moan – which is probably a bonus!

I’ve suggested we all need to recharge our batteries, so I’ve taken ‘time out’ to talk all things health related!


Spring cleaning my health

The daffs are out and Spring has arrived, so I’ve decided to Spring clean my health with regular intakes of fresh air. I plan to enjoy the warmer weather and make the most of the great outdoors (instead of appreciating it through the window from the comfort of my armchair)!


But talking about my beloved armchair, I’ve discovered a new activity that allows me to keep active whilst sitting down! Is there a better type of exercise? I think not!


My son was surfing the World Wide Web and discovered, it has a splendid range of yoga moves for beginners’ including chair yoga for seniors!


Since completing a few ‘workouts’ I feel much more nimble, like I’ve developed a new lease of life! I can now tick the ‘exercises once a week box’ when I have my regular GP check ups and it gets my children off my case too!Pearl


Despite being a mature lady I have by no means “lost my marbles”. My mind and sense of humour are both as sharp as a tack (if I may say so myself) and both can be attributed as a “health benefit” of knitting! It’s nice to know my woolly skills are working wonders for my mind, even if my arthritis doesn’t always agree!

And it’s not just my age group – you younger folk ought to follow in the footsteps of these whippersnappers who have been knitting at primary school. Wow, now that’s impressive.

In the know…

As well as keeping up to date with the latest gossip, I feel it’s equally important to be in the know when it comes to looking after my health. On Tuesday 7th April it was ‘World Health Day” – a national campaign backed by the World Health Organisation.

According to the hash tag on Twitter the focus was on #safefood which got me thinking about the food I eat and how good it is for my body, in particular my Arthritis.

Since learning how to use the World Wide Web the Arthritis Foundation has provided me with a vast collection of reading materials (in my day we had to dig through books in the library)! Anyhow my most interesting find was the “12 Best Foods For Arthritis” so as part of World Health Day I decided to do my bit and share my findings with the online world – it was most exhilarating! I think I even got a re-tweet!



Getting the pulse racing!

If you read Benny’s blog last month I hope you found it most fascinating. If you didn’t (shame on you) it highlighted some exciting happenings on our social media accounts! Let me put my specs on and tell you about a certain something that caught my eye… Jamie Caven

It appears professional darts player Jamie Caven is a huge fan of Jellyatrics and uses us as an energy boost before his big tournaments. He’s certainly scored big points with us – and especially me!

If you follow us on Twitter you may know that Jamie has a bit of a soft spot for me; rumour has it I even get his pulse racing! That’s a health benefit I’m sure! Anyway, Benny was most jealous, which pleased me slightly! Is that wicked of me?

Jabba (as I like to call him) also has diabetes, which makes us even more important to him as he uses us to boost his blood sugar levels.


Well that’s it from little old me, I hope you found my diary entry (or blog as you kids call it) both informative and humorous!

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