Jellyatrics celebrates all that is great and good about the older generation. Yes, we might poke fun a little, but we want you to laugh with us. As we think you’ll agree, a sense of humour is essential, whatever your age.

Getting old gracefully (or disgracefully for that matter) is about enjoying a fulfilling life with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye, in our opinion.

That’s what our Jellyatrics stand for. Disguised as jelly sweets, Bill Bird, Benny Dorm, Pearl Stitch, Frau Zimmer and Mister Mister are a bunch of Jellyatrics. Their quirky personalities and funny shenanigans are sure to make you laugh!

Fruit flavoured jelly baby sweets
Pearl Stitch, lime sweets

Pearl Stitch

Jellyatric Pearl Stitch is a jelly sweet character. She may have a sharp lime flavour but her personality is anything but, she is kind and a keen knitter

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Benny Dorm, blackcurrant sweets

Benny Dorm

He loves to cause mischief and is packed full of character and fruity blackcurrant flavour.

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Bill Bird, lemon jelly sweets

Bill Bird

Bill Bird is a jelly sweet character with a love of birds. Whilst his life may be dull and his character bland, his lemony taste is delicious

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Frau Zimmer, orange jelly sweets

Frau Zimmer

Don’t be fooled by her sweet orange flavour she is grumpy and usually found clinging to her Zimmer frame

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Mister Miser, strawberry jelly sweets

Mister MIser

Mister Miser is a strawberry jelly sweet character. He leads a regimented life and doesn’t like spending money unless he has to.

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