Benny Dorm is the definition of a cheeky chappy. The constant twinkle in his eye is a clever distraction from the mischief he is likely to be causing or the inappropriate comments he often makes!

Born into a large northern family he was the youngest of six kids, meaning he had to shout the loudest to get heard! Now he has two sons of his own, who are a chip off the old block and along with their children they often get together.

Their annual holiday is a week away in a South Shields caravan park, where the whole family enjoy nothing better than playing the slots.

Benny is a renowned ladies’ man who pushes the boundaries with conversation constantly full of innuendos. When he’s not chatting up the ladies he’s serenading them on the karaoke or busting some moves on the dance floor. Most of this behaviour requires some ‘dutch courage’ and he carries a beer belly as a result!

Benny Dorm does karoeke
Benny Dorm, blackcurrant jelly sweets

Whilst most turn their nose up at his presence, Pearl Stitch has a soft spot for Benny and has knitted him many a string vest and knotted hankie!

Despite all his bravado and larger than life character, he has a heart of gold and always lends a hand to charity events.

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