Bill is a retired civil servant who spent years cycling to work with his packed lunch box in his saddlebag (alongside his binoculars).

A bit of a mummy’s boy, he was late to fly the nest and rarely ventures far from home. A creature of habit, Bill has never married and finds it hard to socialise with others.

He has eyes like a hawk and doesn’t miss a trick, he can often be found peering through the gap in his curtains watching other people live their lives!

Bill Bird chasing a cat!
Bill Bird, lemon jelly sweets

Birds are the love of Bill’s life and cats are his mortal enemy, nothing else matters in his world. Not even the fact he’s the butt of practical jokes by kids in the local neighbourhood.

Bill’s a proud member of the RSPB and has the badge to prove it, alongside his boy scout bird watching badge. He keeps himself up to date by religiously buying and reading bird watching books – his collection is huge!

With no family to speak of (except his garden gnomes) , his annual holiday is taken in the same week, same place every year – and has been for the last 55 years – a bird reserve in north Scotland, away from the crowds!

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