Raised by her loving but strict German family, Frau was taught to live a thrifty, no frills kind of life. Living by the book has allowed little room for spontaneity in her life and rumour has it she hasn’t laughed in years! But this, as it says – is only a rumour!

Her Zimmer frame is as well engineered as any efficient and functional German car. She is often seen out and about barking orders from behind her lectern like frame, to the milkman, post man or any other unfortunate soul that may cross her path. Frau Zimmer does not suffer fools – or Benny Dorm – gladly!

Frau Zimmer at the LIbrary
Frau Zimmer, orange jelly sweets

She does a brilliant job of presenting a harsh façade, but underneath there is a kind old lady trying to get out.

In fact, unlucky in love Frau had a romantic liaison during the war that ended badly and broke her heart. It still hurts her deeply and as a result, she is now cynical about romance and love. She mocks Pearl and her affectionate and trusting character but sometimes wishes she could be more like her (just a little bit!). But she isn’t going to let her guard down anytime soon.

Yes, Frau may have a grumpy expression, but really, she has a sense of humour all of her own! In the comfort of her own home, when the doors are locked and the curtains are shut, Frau Zimmer loves nothing more than enjoying her TV programmes and the sound of her own laugh. Just don’t tell anyone!

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