Army veteran Charlie, or Charles as he prefers to be known, insists he was a former Sgt Major (yeah, right!!). An advocate for the great British stiff upper lip, he follows a strict regime and daily routine and uses a pocket watch on a chain to help him!

He does everything by the book… literally, and if it’s not in his diary it won’t happen!

His diary and his wallet are his two prized possessions. And whilst his diary is constantly open for checking, his wallet isn’t. He is a renowned miser and doesn’t spend a penny unless he has too – last to the bar, avid coupon collector, puts buttons in charity tins – you get the picture!

MIster Miser marching
Mister Miser, strawberry jelly sweets

Refusing to be defined by age, he is ruled by a daily fitness regime – walking or marching miles every morning in formal dress. He claims his walking stick is for show and that he doesn’t really need it, but he does!

He is rather aloof and believes he and his opinions are superior. Naturally, he takes the role of group leader and spokesperson and has delusions of grandeur, never missing a chance to relive one of his heroic army adventures. Mister Miser may not be spontaneous but his fabrications of the truth are!

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