A warm and friendly lady, Pearl is a friend to all. She is exceptionally kind and wears her heart on her sleeve, she enjoys a little tittle-tattle and her laugh is contagious.

She has asthma, which has worsened with age but she still tries to enjoy a crafty cigarette when no one is looking! Her asthma is the perfect excuse for her to relax in her chair and knit most days.

Pearl is blessed with a large family, meaning she’s never lonely. She has three daughters, two sons, 12 grandchildren and three great grandkids who she’s always knitting for.

Pearl Stitch in her arm chair
Pearl Stitch, lime jelly sweets

Her kindness however is sometimes taken for granted and her family have appointed her the family babysitter, which guarantees her invites on the family holiday – but as the unpaid childminder! What happened to retirement?

When she’s not with her family she enjoys the odd smoke and a sneaky tipple with Benny for whom she has a soft spot. With her down to earth nature, she can relate to his sense of humour and cheeky outlook on life.

Very much on the look out for love, Pearl is single and ready to mingle. As an old romantic with a generous heart, she sees the good in people and is never without a smile on her face.

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