Jellyatrics, fruit jelly sweets


Jellyatrics are jelly sweets, which maintain the sweet and fruity flavours of Jelly Babies and what’s more, are completely free from artificial colours and flavours

The thing that makes our Jellyatrics different, are our five characters that have been brought to life in the form of a jelly sweet. They are shaped to include Mister Miser’s walking stick and Pearl Stitch’s knitting yarn, reflecting the characters’ quirky traits and humorous personalities.

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Sour jelly babies

Jellyatrics Sours

Recently we’ve lifted the lid on our sweet tin to uncover our new Jellyatrics Sours range, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling.

They’re the perfect treat for anyone who likes their sweets with a sugary kick. Still free from artificial colours and flavours, our Jellyatrics Sours are still the same popular old folk but with a sugary overcoat.

Things get better with age, and this is definitely the case when it comes to our Jellyatrics.

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Jellyatrics Ribbon Tied bags

Jellyatrics Ribbon Tied Bags 

We’re adding a little style to our range with these really dapper ribbon tied bags.

Your favourite characters come all tied up with a colourful ribbon – based on the purple, yellow, orange and green of the sweets – finished off with a natty little label.

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Jellyatrics Victorian Jar

Jellyatrics Victorian Jars 


Ooh look at the Jellyatrics going all fancy in these wonderful Victorian style jars!

They are still the same fantastic tasting jelly sweet, but in super duper new packaging.

We think you will agree that this is a really great gift for sweet lovers of any age, and what a great treat for that special mature (or otherwise) person in your life.

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Jellyatrics chocolate

Jellyatrics Chocolate


Something a little different for you now … the Jellyatrics in chocolate form!

Perfectly displayed in this humorous bus stop cut out packaging, all the Jellyatrics have their trademark items and colours which make them oh so so appealing to pretty much everyone.

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Jellyatrics mug

Jellyatrics Mugs


Next time you sit down for a cuppa – imagine how fabulous your tea or coffee will taste in your very own Jellyatrics mug!

These gift boxed white mugs feature all the Jellyatrics characters in one colourful place. And what’s more, when you run out of biscuits – there’s a little stash of accompanying Jellyatrics to enjoy!

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Jellyatrics cards

Jellyatrics Greeting Cards


Got a birthday or special occasion coming up? How about sending them a Jellyatrics greeting card?

Our range cards reflects the cheekiness and wit of Bill Bird, Benny Dorm, Mr Miser, Pearl Stich and Frau Zimmer. Each of the five designs feature a Jellyatrics character.

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